With his vast experience playing with various artists across many different genres, Sten understands the right way to guide his students into their own style, creating easy ways to learn no matter what age or musical level. 


With Sten’s stage and recording experience he can teach the key fundamentals of music: rhythm, technique, hearing, and most importantly, SOUL.
Sten has an extensive range of guitars including electric, acoustic, 12 strings, bass, Ukulele plus many effects pedals. 


He is the founder of STUDS Pedalboard and has a wealth of knowledge concerning pedals and effects. 

If you're interested about learning electric guitar, it's vital to understand how to create different types of sound - Sten is the master for this!


Sten teach students at the Swedish School in Barnes, London, and offers private or group lessons.



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DBS certificate was issued on 27-08-2019 and the certificate number is: 000943472377

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Sten is a graduate from the Music Academy Institute, France and has been teaching guitar for many years.